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Welcome to OVUM IVF!

If you are one of the couples that have been trying unsuccessfully to conceive, you have come to the right place.  Infertility may be the result of multiple causes that require specialized treatment.  

Our fertility control clinic specializes in diagnosis and treatment of infertility-causing problems for both male and female partners.  Since infertility can be caused by either partner but affects both, our clinic helps both partners with the related issues.   We address your histories, prescribe tests, and discuss and implement appropriate methods of treatment.  We support our patients medically as well as addressing any emotional issues through compassionate care.  

Our clinic offers a variety of tests and treatments specific to each patient.  Treatment options may include, but are not limited to, hormonal therapy for either spouse, IVF treatments, and ICSI.  

Modern technology has the potential to help couples achieve their dream of starting their own family.  Let us help you with the process.


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Dr. Anastasios Sykoutris MSc, MD, DFFP |  Gynecologist - Surgeon - Obstetrician | In Vitro Fertilization Clinic - IVF

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